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Contoh Biografi Diri Sendiri dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Biografi Diri Sendiri dalam BahasaInggris – Bagaimana contoh biografi tentang diri sendiri menggunakan bahasa Inggris? Berikut ini akan saya berikan contohnya. Biografi berikut tetap menggunakan sudut pandang orang ketiga, jadi tidak menggunakan I sebagai subjek (Orang pertama)

Tara Subekti
Tara Subekti was born on March 7, 1990, in Melbourne, Australia. He is the oldest child in his family. His parents are Titania Siera and Jovi Bonie. Tara has two younger brothers and two younger sisters. His younger brothers are twin. They are Projo Bangun and Jaka Bangun. They are still in the junior high school. His younger sisters are Jevina and Keira. They go to senior high school.

Tara Subekti graduated from one of the best universities in Australia. He had lived in there since he was born until he finished his study. Tara is originally from Indonesia his parents moved to Australia after their marriage because his father got a job there. His father is an Indonesian language lecturer in Monash University and his mother is an English teacher assistant. His parents were obsessed about Indonesian cultures. As the result, although, he lived for a long time in Australia, Tara can talk in Indonesian fluently. He knows many kinds of art from Indonesia. His brothers and sisters also have the same languages ability and knowledge of Indonesian culture.
Gambar Ilustrasi : Contoh Biografi Diri Sendiri dalam Bahasa Inggris
Now, he and his family move to Indonesia. Tara has many achievements in music. Last year, he got an award as the best DJ in Southeast Asia. Tara is multitalented. Not only in music, but he also has a great interest in making movie. He started his debut as a movie director last year. His movies are “Tanah Kita”, “Jendela Dunia”, “Musik Indonesia”, dan masih banyak lagi karya yang lainnya. Tara shows his best work in everything he made.

Lately, Tara released his new album in which he did not play a role as composer or music arranger, but he sang 10 songs which were composed by him. He made some collaboration with the other musicians and best singers in Indonesia. His first album was only music instrument without a vocalist. He said that he wanted many people enjoy the instruments and arrangement of music that he made.

After being successful in music and as a movie director, Tara tries a new challenge for him by taking parts in his directed movies. His debut raises many people’s comments. Some of them like his acting and some of them do not like it.

Now, Tara is 26 years old. There is no sign of getting married from him. He also never got any negative gossip. However, he has ever had a relationship with a great female singer from Filipina. The truth of the gossip is never revealed. Tara is very careful of talking about his privacy and daily life.

Tara’s hobby is eating and singing. He also likes cooking. His favorite food is korean food. He likes kimchi very much and tteopoki. He has ever visited South Korea and since that day, he likes its culinary.

Tara has a phobia. He is very afraid of mice. He also does not like cat or any other pet. He loves cleanness very much. He does not like a messy room or a dirty environment.

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